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"The best product ever! My horse had a fistula from a new rug that rubbed within 2 days. Wasn't the right rug fit. Fistulous withours occurs when the outer part of the withers of the horse is filled with pus-like substance from infection. Extremely sore area for horses. GGH fixed it within days of applying!"

Lyn Quade

"Seriously Gobsmacked at the ease of detangling. I'm now hooked. Stood there brushing afterwards just to watch how sleek and smooth it flowed. I reckon I could now brush it with a fine tooth comb!!"

Leanne Comelli


"I would like to say how pleased we have been with out 10lt drums of Dr Show Shampoo & Outdoor Protect & Shine! Trent has a big team of horses living in RED dirt country, so you can imagine how hard it is to keep them clean. They are kept in day yards, not stables and are open to red dirt all the time.

With brakers, 2yr olds, Futurity horses, Derby horses, Classic horses and Open horses, I can certainly tell you how much we have liked your products. Makes life so much easier now. Doing show washes prior to travel is not a big chore now and so much time is saved, they arrive at shows looking immaculate. 

Thank you again"

Sue Smith


"Morning Jenny,

I used this tail this morning for Before and After photos of his tail after I discovered that it had a huge rats nest in the middle of it."


Drew & Sally Stevenson

Monavale Station 



Hi, I just wanted to share how pleased I am with your products. I have an Andalusian x gelding I use knots away on and it has made a huge difference in his luscious locks, with a mane that is now a meter long I always try to use the best products on it to keep it in tip top condition. Before I started using it his mane was quite brittle, dead looking and thinning out, now it looks so much healthier and fuller, and much stronger, and its also a major help at keeping knots at bay, a brush out once a week is all it requires now, his tail is also nice thick and healthy, I swear by knots away,  I have also used your shampoo one of my mares who is prone to rain scald and it is also proving to have positive results.  

Cheers Aimee


Hi Jenny,

Its Lesley who spoke to you on the phone today, here are some results and pictures attached.

Just sending through some before and after pictures of our Ponies after using Dr Show Knots Away & Dr Show Shampoo!

We would just like to say how wonderful your product are!!!

I have attached 2 pictures, first picture is:
Divine Festive Occasion who has taken out:
Runner Up Riding Pony at POTY in VIC 2013
Runner Up APSB Riding Pony at NPOTY in NSW 2013
Champion Riding Pony Gelding at the National Horse & APSB OTY 2013
Champion APSB Riding Pony Gelding at the National Horse & APSB OTY 2013
Supreme Champion Arabian Derivative at Berry Annual Show 2013
Grand Supreme at Tarago Show 2013
Supreme APSB Riding Pony at the Pony Classic at Goulburn 2013
Numerous Champions and Supreme’s at Ag Show.
He now has started under saddle and will coming out as a Newcomer 2014 under saddle, we hope to have as much success with him as we have in the last year.

Second pictures is Divine Diamonds who has taken out:
Supreme APSB Riding Pony at National Horse & APSB OTY 2013
Champion Riding Pony at National Horse & APSB OTY 2013
Champion APSB Riding Pony at National Horse & APSB OTY 2013
Champion Arabian Riding Pony at National Horse & APSB OTY 2013
Supreme Riding Pony at APSB Mossvale Show 2013
Champion Riding Pony at APSB Mossvale Show 2013
Champion Arabian Riding Pony at APSB Mossvale Show 2013
Champion APSB Riding Pony at APSB Mossvale Show 2013
Champion Riding Pony at Albion Park Show 2013
Champion Arabian Riding Pony at Albion Park Show 2013
She is just starting out in her show career in the last 4 months in 2013 and I'm sure she will have many more wins to her name in 2014!!!



Hi Jenny,

It was lovely to meet you at Toowoomba over the weekend. As mentioned we've been using Dr Show products on all our horses: hacks, dressage & cutting horses :) We adore the knots away especially, I used it all over this black fellow with no other products and look at his perfect sheen!

Thanks so much for the cap, have hardly taken it off :)

Many Thanks, Holly Royal


 Dear Jenny

We were introduced to Dr. Show products through a friend of Bree’s, Sheryl Ferry, who was attending a Western Performance event in Tatura. We were lucky to get samples of Knots Away and the Conditioning Shampoo. Let me tell you that the Knots Away has been an absolute godsend to us as Bree’s daughter Amelia has a wonderful little Shetland with the most enormous main and tail. To be able to actually comb these is very impressive and only due to using Knots Away. Amazingly just using a small amount did the trick and left Lettie’s mane and tail very soft and shiny and saved us a lot of time and the need for bottles and bottles of conditioner. We now use Knots Away on our whole show team regularly at home and before shows. Living in a very hot climate during the show season regular use ensures that our team’s manes and tails are in tip top condition. We have also started using the Conditioning Shampoo. Our horses are very spoilt and always hot washed and always seem very relaxed after their bath. We are very pleased with the shine and condition of their skin and coat.

Being a very successful and competitive showing team, we are always striving to have the edge on our competition, so it is always important to use the best possible products and Dr. Show provides us with this.

Petrie Equine Show Team. Monday, 2 September 2013 10:06 PM


I bought Dr Show Conditioning Shampoo from Equitana ... a friend had bought some and told me about it! I tried the shampoo and love it so thought I had better get onto the detangler now! 

I use Dr Show because it keeps the horses' skin clean and scurf free, meaning a healthier coat! Dr Show leaves a beautiful shine on my horses and I love how it doesn’t strip the coat of all the natural oils! It’s also great on the dogs as well!
My beautiful girl is a 2yo Paint Bred Filly who is already a multi supreme champion, has her ROM (register of merit) in halter. Her name is She’s A Score (paddock name Scout). She is my best friend and my soul horse and will be groomed in DR Show products for Australia Halter Showcase next weekend.

I’m spreading the word about Dr Show to whoever will listen.

Emma McKee


Hi Neil and Jenny

After purchasing my first Dr Show Knots away – I was keen to know how to use it properly.  So onto the internet and viewed the instructional videos etc. Very good information.  I was keen to know whether I could use it one a clean but not freshly washed tail so called one of the telephone numbers and spoke to Neil.   Now I was probably not really expecting to get an answer let alone the wealth of information and enthusiasm I got from Neil.  Jenny also called back later as I had tried the sales number very briefly before realising there was a technical option.

Armed with my knowledge – and a little practice on the forelock from the night before – I applied to product sparingly as suggested to my clean but not freshly washed main and tail.

I am very impressed – yes the product does what it says it is going to do!

  • It detangles – even a tail not freshly conditioned;
  • It leaves a soft but not flyaway finish;
  • It gives the tail body and fullness that actually lasts – unlike some other detanglers that are great for the first couple of days;
  • It is not a heavy or greasy finish nor does it have a brittle or harsh feel that other detanglers I have used leave.

Put simply it leaves the finish that I am looking for and, in these early stages, seems to be fortifying and strengthening the tail and main. Sorry no scientific basic for this at the moment!

After using the product and talking the Neil (and very briefly Jenny) I decided to pop into town the next day and go the whole hog and buy some shampoo as well. Now I am not madly keen on shampooing horses unless they really need it, and had just replaced my shampoo with recommended herbal variety that I was actually less than impressed with but had intended to persevere because I had spent the money and would not be using it all that often anyway. I told them in the saddlery store that I was back to by more of the same branded product as I was so happy with the Knots away. Apparently they had not long started to stock the product.

My Mum put me onto Knots away after talking to Neil at an Ag Show that also had a dog show attached.  Mum shows golden retrievers and cocker spaniels with my Aunty.  They use the product with great success. They swear by it and even need to make a special trip to another town to a store that stocks your products. It look me a long time to use up the detangler I was using – as you guessed it I had spent the money and didn’t want to waste it trying something else.  Why or why did I not take her advice earlier.

Oh and I tried the shampoo on my mares tail and socks – then the Knots away – still very happy!

I will be suggesting to anyone who will listen to try the products – dogs horses cattle etc.  If they do not like the finish I will buy it back from them.

Buy the way I think the price is well placed for the market – (spoken like a bean counter!)

Kind Regards and Thanks again

Great service, great products.

Linda Paterson


Hi Everyone,

As a rug repairer part of my business is also washing of rugs. My aim is to get the rugs as clean as possible with as little effort as possible. Dr Show Rug Wash is the perfect answer, around 40c per wash and outstanding results.

The pictures depict this with this rug coming to me in need of cleaning, 1 wash and the results are amazing. In the past it would have taken me 2-3 washes to receive the same results, costing time, Money for detergent, electricity and not to mention wear and tear on the machine (the dark shading in the neck rug is not dirt but the satin lining).

Dr Show detergent is the answers to all things dirty, horse rugs, dog blankets and our own work wear.  A lot of my customers have now replaced their everyday detergent with Dr Show's.


Reg Weatherill
Rug Repairs by Reg
Ph 0447560011



From: Nicole Emanuel []
Sent: Thursday, 8 November 2012 9:40 PM
Subject: pics

jut emailing pics of my first go with your products, I used a little too much oil as you can tell- but still wrapt with results!
nest will be my grey mare with the horrid mane,
regards, Nicole   



-----Original Message-----
From: Rachel Godsall []
Sent: Wednesday, 21 November 2012 4:36 PM
Subject: Testamonial

I first heard about your tail shine at dressage at Doomben 2012 and ever since I have been hooked. I have a 21yo TB that we bought 6 years ago with a shaved tail. It took me about 4 years to get the tail looking nice but every time it would start thickening up it would get caught on something rip out and I was back to square one. I had tried all sorts of tail bags and wraps and just about every tail detangler on the market.  The only one that was doing a half-decent job was breaking the bank account:( Since using Dr Show his tail is staying thick, knot free and best off all it has become soooooo much easier to clean and keep clean(a bonus with a grey). He can role in ANYTHING and the dirt just hoses out and these days the only time his tail is in a bag is at competitions! Not only is Dr Show by far the best working product it is also one of the cheapest, an extra bonus for a full time university student:).

Below are some pictures of his progress. The picture on the left is the best I ever got his tail before using Dr Show. The one in the middle is his dirty tail after the first use and the one on the right was taken about three weeks later after a quick bath & trim, left to dry and just a tiny bit of Dr Show brushed through!
Thank -you so much for such a great product!!!!!!

From a far more than satisfied customer and her pony!!:)



From: PVS Training & Equine Services []
Sent: Wednesday, 17 October 2012 2:22 PM

Dear Jenny
I am writing to let you know that I was given your Dr. Show Knots Away product from my mother who attended the Royal Brisbane Show. She may of mentioned to you that I was a dressage rider in Nth QLD, Bowen.
I was so excited when I used your product and then found that 3 days later I was still able to run the comb through their manes and tails and they were basically knot free.

I am converted!!!

I keep my horses manes and tails clean and dandruff free by washing them regularly. This prevents them from rubbing the hair out and becoming itchy but now make sure that I use your Conditioning Shampoo and then finish by putting a small amount of the Knot Away product through the mane and tail too. It works wonderfully to keep the hair tangle and itch free.

Thank you for some great products.

A list of my recent achievements and accomplishments can be found on my website
Wishing you a wonderful week.

Kind Regards
Pamela Schuler, PVS Training & Equine Services
86 Reibles Road, Bowen Qld 4805
m: 0407580894 h: 07-47852304 e:



Hi Jenny & Neil,

I have been off work for several weeks now,but before starting leave, I had started useing drshow Rug Wash product for cleaning my very dirty High Viz Work Clothes. Amazed at the cleaness and freshness results after years of trying other products.

Returning to work at a Large Power Station in Central Qld within the next couple of weeks and will try to get some before & after photos of my work clothes to send to you.

Thanks to drshow for my clean work clothes,

Bob Peet
Alexandra Hills, Qld.
7th October 2012



Testimonials Showcase Saddlery

Showcase Saddlery Pty Ltd
ABN 63 146 448 928
Unit 9 / 222 Mt. Crosby Road,
Tivoli. Q. 4305
Ph: 07 3812 9925 Fax: 07 3281 6579

Friday, 28 September 2012

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Dr Show.

Your product, Dr Show Rug and Workwear Wash, has made our rug washing service fly!!

Showcase Saddlery has been providing a rug washing and repairs service to our customers for two years. Cleaning all types of horse rugs, from the heavy weight canvas and synthetic rugs to the lightest nylon and cotton fly mesh rugs.
It goes without saying that the condition of some of these rugs when we receive them are far from pleasant!! Most being soiled with manure, mud, urine etc. The smell can be overwhelming!!

We have been using the Dr Show Rug and Workwear Wash for our cleaning service since it first hit the market, and we have been pleasantly surprised by the feedback we have received from our customers. Most saying that they have ‘never seen their rugs look so clean and smell so fresh’.

We have even taken the product home to use on our own linen, etc. The tea tree and eucalyptus gives the towels a beautiful clean, fresh appeal. And the antibacterial qualities of the ingredients are a bonus!

Our workload has doubled at Showcase Saddlery, and so has our level of customer satisfaction!!

Thank you again, Dr Show for providing a product that really works, is easy to use and is great value for money.

Ray and Marnie Wood
Showcase Saddlery Pty Ltd


Dog Shampoo Dr Show
Hi Jenny & Neil,

Thank you for letting me try your amazing products! My two cattle dog crosses are constantly playing and getting dirty – in and out of the dam, finding mud holes and rolling in “stuff”. After one wash with your shampoo they smelt delightful! And the conditioner has made the course hair on my cattle dog X staffy so soft smooth. My cattle dog X koolie is always getting grease marks from hiding under the truck and machines but the conditioner helps protect her coat and stops it from staining.

Both my guys smell great and look great – thank you.

Kind Regards,

Stephanie Saxton 

"I brought some of your products on Friday at the QRHA for my Border Collie dogs. Tried it out on two of my girls, and I am very surprised at the results. AMAZING! works a treat and they both come up sparkling clean! Thanks a lot!" - Laura J Mulder-Glennie, near Brisbane, Queensland
Anita Demmers holding Warralee Apple Danish who was washedand his tail done using Dr Show. Great Job.


My name is Robyn Hall. I currently hold the position of vice-president of the Laidley-Walloon Quarter Horse & Performance Association where we organise western performance shows, kids club & team penning events. My equestrian interests vary from western performance to campdrafting & team penning. I have a quarter horse, Cody, who I have had for 9 years. Over the last 4-5 years, I have been battling to keep his Queensland itch at bay with limited success. In may of this year, I attended Gatton campdraft & bought the Dr Show shampoo & rugwash from Jenny & Neil. The same day at the campdraft, I washed Cody with the shampoo (using dam water). I again washed him at home 3 days later. Within a couple of weeks I noticed a big difference to him. The itch was clearing & his hair was growing back!! It has been two months since & continued to wash him with the shampoo as well as his rugs with the Rugwash, & he is still itch-free. Previously, even in winter, he would still have signs of the itch. I wholeheartedly recommend the Dr Show shampoo & Rugwash.



Hi Jenny,

Thank you so much for supporting the QLD Young Rider Dressage Championships in Caboolture this weekend. I'm the proud Champion of the Elementary Class and the happy receiver of some fantastic prizes!

We have yet to try the Float and Vehicle Shampoo which you generously donated as one of the prizes, but I have used Knots Away ever since we first heard of it through Pony Club.

It really is a great product and makes looking after and presenting the tail of my beautiful grey warmblood gelding "Hilltop Moody Blue", a pleasure.

Thanks again
Jana Stadelmann and Hilltop Moody Blue. 10/06/2012

The 'Dr Show Knots Away' our horses tails have felt smoother and looked richer and shinier in colour. As soon as it is put in there tail become instantly shiny and feel like silk. Even after two weeks of been put through once they still look and feel amazing! This stuff actually works! The Dr Show Rug Washing Powder makes the rugs like new again and the shampoo even helps brighten white socks
Ballard Family 18/05/12
Hi Jenny
As a reseller of the Dr Show products I have to have faith and conviction that they work, THIS IS ALL PRODUCTS as I have personally tested them.

Recently at Scotts PGC Extravaganzer in Warwick I was absolutely astounded by the amount of brilliant looking horses passing by my small shop front but more importantly and more astounding was an array of horses that had the most fantastic looking tails and manes, when asked the question to the riders "is that a Dr Show Knots Away Tail or mane" the resounding reply was YES this stuff really works!
I was also asked re the Dr show Vehicle and float shampoo for removing the "plaque" (Moss,mould and grime) from the front of floats and was unsure.

I have tested the products here at home and found the best solution is to use Dr Show Rug Wash, 1 Tablespoon per litre of water (of course first disolve the rug wash in hot water to activate the enzyme) and broom on the surface, the Plaque instantly is removed with very little effort, I then used the Dr Show Vehicle and Float shampoo to finish to assist with giving the float a protective barrier from further "Plaque" infestations.

I can confidently say that in my opinion this will work quite effectively with regular maintenance of the vehicle.
Kind Regards
Reg Weatherill
Ph 0447560011
Web 30/05/2012

Michele Robson
I use your Knots Away product on my double registered paint/pinto mare’s tail, and I am extremely impressed at how easily it rejuvenates and detangles dry and knotted tails. My mare's tail is constantly plaited and bagged to stop sun bleaching and still manages to become quite matted. Your product absolutely transforms her tail in a matter of minutes. Simply amazing stuff!

I am extremely fussy about my mare's appearance. She has won many “best presented” classes here at our Sydney Shows as well as being a multiple led class champion now going on to win champions under saddle. I am constantly looking for products to maintain her coat and condition. Your product is truly impressive. Can’t wait to try the shampoo!

Kind regards,
Michele Robson

I tried the Dr Show Conditioning Shampoo on Sparkle last night – love it! Suds up well, cleans and rinses easily, and left her coat soft. As you said, the water does bead on the coat.

Then tried the Dr Show Rug Wash (must put clean rugs on after a bath!) and even though I had to use cold water to wash it did a great job as well! Very happy, thanks J

Michele Robson




I run my own dressage training centre where I train and sell clients horses. Part of the sale preparation is photos and videos in which I pride myself on having the horses look their best. The one product I cannot live without is the Dr Show Knots Away. It can transform a horse’s tail from a skinny, dreadlocked lifeless tail to a beautiful show ring style boofy tail in a matter of minutes. And the gloss is amazing. My clients can’t believe it when they see the transformation. I've been using another branded product for many years which was very expensive. Dr Show Knots Away is incredible value and does the same but better job than my previous product. And when I’m doing many manes and tails each week, I need the product I use to be cost effective. And it certainly is that. I have bottles everywhere. One in the washbay, one in my stables, one in the float and one mini size one in the glove box of my car. Silly spot I know but I’ve been caught out before and the glove box bottle has been a blessing!! For me it's super important to keep every single strand of hair on the horses' tails intact. I can’t recommend it enough. To see this amazing product in action, please visit my website to watch the demonstration video.
Tammy Stephens
Dressage Training and Sales 

Hi Jenny, fantastic news!! And yes, WOW is the only word to use. I had a SUPER turnout to my dressage information day Saturday. The response that I'm getting from the people who as soon as they got home used their ‘free’ bottle of Knots Away is fantastic. They all love the product and were super excited that they won it in the raffle. The comments I received from people about how fantastic my horse looked on the day were awesome. Super shiny and beautiful tail!! All thanks to Dr Show!! I’ll send you some photos through once I've done them up.

Thanks again Jenny! Super products and super service!!! 


Tammy Wed 9/05/2012 5:56 PM




I’ve been using Dr Show Knots Away for nearly a year now and I must say that it gives impressive results. I have my own professional show preparation business and I've used much more expensive products for much less conditioning and shine. It stands up well both as a detangler on wet or dry hair and as a long lasting, dirt repelling hair gloss for a great price.

Lee Taylor
The Ultimate Equine Assistant



Shetlands have very heavy manes/forelocks and tails and are very difficult
to maintain, but with the use of Knots Away my job of presenting them has
been made easier. Other Shetland breeders who have purchased Knots Away
before have reordered another supply of Knots Away.
Strongly recommended to any serious breeder.
Lynette Lucht,



Before & After Shots of one of our customer's tails. It does look that good and it is quick and easy to get that show finish using Dr Show Knots Away.

5th June 2011. Thank you Neil & Jenny. It was lovely to meet you both.

I have the logo on my float already and have also used the product in my horse’s tails that are going to the breaker tomorrow.

Straight out of the paddock, bathed, and Dr Show made them look like show horses already!

Many thanks.
Looking forward to catching up again soon.
Kind regards,
Cheryl O’Brien
Remi Stud 





macsqDressage8 has made a comment on Horse Tail Preparation with Dr Show:

i bought dr show and the stuff is amazing! i put it in before my falsie, work it through with my fingers and a thick brush then i put the false tail in and work some more through and it blends the two together amazingly plus adds great volume!

This comment requires your approval. You can approve or reject it by visiting the commentspage. 23rd December 2011

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