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  New Outdoor Protect & Shine Range
 750ml Twin Pack 4 Litre refill w/Tap 10 Litre Drum
 Fly Spray for Horses  Insect repellent Coat Shine Insect repellent 

   Dr Show strives to provide products that are easy to use and benefit the horse. The Outdoor Protect & Shine is no exception. Our Australian Native Oils help protect the horse from the environment. The natural oils & Aloe Vera nourish the coat & skin. Elements from our Detangler & Shine have been added for a show shine.
Natural Oils: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Australian Eucalyptus Oil, Australian Citronella Oil, Australian Rosalina Oil, Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil, Peppermint Oil & Aloe Vera.


Dr Show strives to provide products that are  




 Mane N Tail Detangler

 Horse Supplies Tail Before


 Horse Supplies Tail After


 Testimonials Dr Show Tails

  Dr Show Mane & Tail Detangler & Shine will not only release stubborn knots but once your mane and tail are knot free and you have thoroughly worked the product through the hair you will notice enhanced colour and shine and the hair will have that full bodied appearance.
To use: Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and then proceed to massage the product thoroughly from the top to the tip of the tail using a raking action with your fingers spread. Starting combing the hair and you will find the knots will free up instantly as the product comes into contact with the tangle.
125ml bottle RRP $19.95*


Horse Grooming Brush Tail Brush


After performing 1000's of tail preparation demonstrations we now have the perfect Dr Show tail brush available for our customers which is suitable for tails, manes and long haired coats. This heavy duty brush should give you years of reliable service. The wide teeth configuration allow the nots to free easily in combination with our Dr Show Mane & Tail Detangler. Grab you new Rake NOW!



Dr Show Tail Rake

Tail Detangler

DR SHOW ALL in ONE Conditioning Shampoo  

 Horse Shampoo anti DandruffItch Magic Formula

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Horse Conditioner

We have produced a beautifully balance blend of natural oils that soothes the animals skin, removes dead skin cells and dirt. This combination keeps the animal comfortable, reduces the habit for any paracites and bacteria which causes most animals to scratch, this makes for a happy animal. If you compete, show or are proud of how you present your animals you will love the sheen and lustre in the coat after washing with the Dr Show Conditioning Shampoo. We are that confident about this product we offer a money back guarantee. 

Horse Shampoo


 Tail Detangler Before imageTail Detangler After Image

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Photo: Biffins Equine



Anti Dandruff ShampooItch Magic Formula


Rug Wash Dr Show

We have raised the bar for all shampoo products that are currently available.
Our All in One Conditioning Shampoo when used regularly removes dead skin cells, conditions the skin and coat and soothes irritations. Read all about our exclusive ingredients so you will understand that all shampoos are not created equal.

Rug Wash NEW 2kg Easy Carry Pale.
Our Enzyme Based high performance
powder with Eucalyptus removes the protein stains from rugs like no powder you have ever used. Developed to meet our high specifications your rugs will be lean, bacteria free & with the benefits that come from Eucalyptus in the formula.