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Mikayla Symonds

Hi my name is Mikayla and I am 5yrs old, I have two ponies that I love very much and I ride every day, I compete at shows as well as gymkanas and just love jumping my pony Rockstar, my most recent show was Toowoomba Royal where I won my rider class and got reserve champion rider. when Dr Show said that they were going to sponsor me my mum was so happy because she just loves there products, she says that the rug wash is the best for getting my white ponies tail white before going to pony club, I love the knots away stuff cause it makes it really easy for me to brush my ponies tails, (its good in my hair too) and all our horses are always washed in the Dr Show shampoo and prepared for competitions using all the dr show products, thank you Dr Show for your sponsorship.

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