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Jess Shaw

Discipline: DRESSAGE

Career Achievments:

What a year I have had full of ups and downs. Both horses have continued to improve despite their very long summer break. In 2013 I achieved a lot on both my horses with Luke it was just getting him to come softer and waiting for me in the flying changes, this has definitely improved and will be something that I continuously work on. I can happily say that he has come back into work better than I expected and I am excited to announce that I have been selected for the 2014 Qld Young Rider Squad. Unfortuanatly I didn’t apply for the national youth squad because at the time we were not sure what was wrong with me and also Luke wasn’t quite as consistent as I would have liked.
Wolfingham Jamara did very well at many competitions in 2013 however the competitions that stood out for me was Nambour two star and states. I had some very good feedback at Nambour and we achieved some very good percentages and placed in the top 4 in all of my classes. At states we did not perform our best as I was feeling very unwell however we did not shame ourselves and in fact our hard work for the year finally showed. I am extremely excited about the 2014 season.
Arnage Wasabi performed extremely well at all his competitions, in 2013 I was selected on the National future squad, which allowed me to attend a clinic with Ton de Ridder. I learnt so much, the thing that I really took away from the clinic was when doing a new exercise with your horse give him the best possible chance to execute it the best he can and to be consistant and persistant in everything you ask for all the time, this is something I have really focussed on when riding both my horses.
Arnage Wassabi did exceptionally well throughout the year and achieved some excellent scores. We are hoping to compete elementary this year and to start teaching him his changes. At states Wazza behaved impeccably and gave me 110% in my last test, in fact i am pretty sure he carried me around the arena and got Prelim reserve champion (just got pipped ) and won Australian warmblood highest percentage, in the novice we placed.
I was very dissapointed that i had to give nationals a miss and the clinic, this affected my position on the National future squad however i will be aiming to get back on.
Unfortunatly, I have been diagnosed with acute exhaustion however I am on the mend and I am hoping for a full recovery very soon. I am going to tackle 2014 head on and train even harder.


 Jess Shaw  

Jess Shaw 

 Jess Shaw


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